The Latest News on Our Nations Health Care

On Wednesday, September 13th senators rolled out competing plans for our nation’s health care system. Senators Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. and Bill Cassidy, R-La. proposed legislation that is modeled after President Bill Clinton’s welfare reform legislation passed in the 1990s.

Senator Bernie Sanders proposed a competing bill that would include universal government-run coverage.

Any legislation must be passed before October 1st, when the GOP effort to repeal the law loses its protection against Democratic filibusters.

Read an article on the latest health care news.

Check back in for updates and contact your Coloradan Senators to tell them behavioral health coverage can not be optional in Colorado.

What is the Health Care Bill?
What is the Health Care Bill?

The problem with the Health Care Bill is that it would dismantle the Medicaid expansion implemented under the Affordable Care Act, resulting in many people losing their access to behavioral health care through Medicaid.

As we speak, the senate is crafting this bill intended to repeal and replace the ACA.

It’s time to stand together as Coloradans and let our Senators know that mental health and substance abuse care are not optional and must be covered.

You can voice your opinion by contacting our Coloradan Senators. Specifically, you can make a great impact by contact Republican Senator Gardner and his Legislative Director, Curtis Swager.

Information on how to contact each senator is below. Protect Our Care Colorado is a great resource for more information regarding this subject.

Speak Up! Contact Our Coloradan Senators
Please contact our senators and let them know that mental health and substance abuse care coverage should not be optional. Specifically, please contact Senator Cory Gardner, as he is one of the 13 GOP Senators crafting the AHCA.
Senator Cory Gardner
Colorado Republican Senator
Call (970) 245-9553
Sen. Gardner’s Website
Email Sen. Gardner
tweet @SenCoryGardner

Curtis Swager
Legislative Director
Call (202) 224-5941
Email Curtis Swager

Senator Michael Bennet
Colorado Democratic Senator
Call (970) 241-6631
Sen. Bennet’s Website
Email Sen. Bennet
tweet @SenBennetCo

Rita Habib
Legislative Assistant
Call (202) 224-5952
Email Rita Habib

Not Sure What to Say? Here are Some Ideas
Not sure what to say when you email or tweet at our senators?
Here are some sample scripts:

My name is ____ and I live in ____, Colorado. I am emailing you to urge ____ (Insert Name) to vote against any changes to Medicaid. Medicaid provides the opportunity to seek Behavioral Health Care for thousands of Coloradans, something that they otherwise would go without. The medicaid expansion contributes $3 billion to Colorado’s economy every year! Don’t vote to weaken Medicaid, lives depend on it.*

*This script sample was modified from, please visit their website for more scripts.

@SenCoryGardner Mental Health & Substance Abuse Care Coverage Cannot be Optional #ProtectOurCare #VoicesOfCO

@SenCoryGardner Protect our access to behavioral health care #ProtectOurCare #VoicesOfCO


What Our People Think of the Health Care Bill

Read an Open Letter to Senator Cory Gardner Regarding the Senate Health Care Bill from Janet Fiegelson, MD

The Health Care Bill in Image Form

AHCA Effects 1
AHCA Effects 2
AHCA Effects 3