Co-Occurring Disorders

Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

About one third of people experiencing mental illness also experience substance abuse, as a strategy for coping with mental illness. This is called a Co-Occurring Disorder or a Dual Diagnoses.

Mind Springs Health offers several effective treatment methods for those who are trying to cope with a Co-Occurring Disorder, including: Counseling & Therapy for Co-Occurring Disorders and Ongoing Resources to Manage Co-Occurring Disorders.

Counseling & Therapy for Co-Occurring Disorders

We have Therapy Offices that provide counseling and therapy for Co-Occurring Disorders across the western slope of Colorado. Our therapists specialize in Evidence-Based Practices, meaning the treatment you or a loved one will receive has been proven to be effective. Find out which of our Therapy Offices is closest to you and call us to schedule a consultation now.

We also offer secure and confidential teleHealth services, allowing you to video chat our therapists from the comfort of any of our therapy offices. TeleHealth provides access to our full network of providers, ensuring you or your loved one are receiving the very best care from a therapist with expertise on Co-Occurring Disorders and the selected treatment methods.

Ongoing Resources for Co-Occurring Disorders

At Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital, we know that community involvement fosters healthy relationships and happy people. That’s why we’ve created a network of resources within our community for individuals living with Co-Occurring Disorders.

One-on-One Peer Support: Mind Springs Health offers a Peer Support program for those living with Co-Occurring Disorders. Mind Springs Health’s peers have been diagnosed with Co-Occurring Disorders and have learned to effectively manage and thrive with their illness. Learn more about the Peer Support program and how it can help you or a loved one with Co-Occurring Disorders.

Family Services: Co-Occurring Disorders effect the person diagnosed with the mental illness as well as their family. We offer support groups and resources for families of those recovering from co-occurring disorders. Learn how family services can help you today.

Job Assistance: Securing and maintaining a job while learning to cope with Co-Occurring Disorders can feel overwhelming. Learn about our job assistance services and how we help those coping with mental illness find a steady career.