Family Services

Treatment for the Whole Family

Family support services are available to all patients’ family members. Our family support staff is knowledgeable because they’ve walked in our shoes, or a similar pair. We know how important it can be to connect with others who have experienced the kinds of issues your family is dealing with right now. We also remember how lost and overwhelmed we felt at times, searching for information and answers. And while we may not have all the answers you need, we do have a lot of information and the ability to make your path just a little bit easier.

Family Support Groups

Family support groups are available for children, adolescents and adults. For families of children and adolescents, we provide parenting support and attendance at individualized education planning and other community meetings, and offer groups for those dealing with extreme behaviors. Check out our peer services including a calendar of support groups or call 970.241.6023.

Additional Resources

Western Colorado 2-1-1:
One call accesses hundreds of Health and Human Services Resources
National Alliance on Mental Illness, Western Slope Chapter
Online tools and resources to deal with anxiety and depression – use payer code WELLNESS
Mental Health America of Colorado