What does Mind Springs Health do?

Mind Springs Health is a full-service provider of counseling and therapy for mental, behavioral and emotional wellness.  We also help individuals and families deal with and recover from substance abuse.

Who does Mind Springs Health treat?

All ages, from children to seniors.  Individuals, couples, families or any combination thereof.

How much does it cost?

Mind Springs Health is known in Colorado for providing the highest quality treatment, at the lowest cost in state.  In many cases it is covered by insurance and with the Affordable Care Act beginning in January 2014 insurance providers are required to cover mental health the same way they do physical health so even more people will be covered.  Currently we are a preferred provider for Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, United Behavioral Health/Optum Health, Rocky Mountain Healthcare, LifeSynch and Value Options, as well as many Employee Assistance Programs.  Our offices are happy to work with you or your insurance company on payment options.  We accept major credit cards and also offer a sliding scale fee based upon your ability to pay.

What kind of treatment do you offer?

Treatment plans are customized for each client.  We offer a full continuum of care for mild to severe emotional, behavioral and substance use issues.  We specialize in evidence-based practices which are researched and proven to be effective methods of therapy.

Where can I get treatment?

Mind Springs Health covers a 23,000 square mile area on Colorado’s Western Slope consisting of Eagle, Garfield, Grand, Jackson, Mesa, Moffat, Pitkin, Rio Blanco, Routt and Summit counties.  We have 13 offices for outpatient treatment and 32-bed West Springs Hospital in Grand Junction that serves the entire state as well as areas of Wyoming and Utah.  West Springs Hospital is the only psychiatric hospital on the Western Slope, allowing locals a level of care they ordinarily would have to go out of state or to the Front Range to receive.

I don’t need help myself, I need help for someone else.  How does that work?

We will work with you to assess the situation and provide support in getting your friend, family or patient to treatment.  In certain circumstances we can work with you on involuntary treatment for individuals in need.

I value my privacy.  How does that work?

By law and by our code of ethics, Mind Springs Health keeps all of your information confidential.  Should you require extra discretion I our lobbies and waiting rooms please let us know that prior to your arrival or when you arrive.

Do you have psychiatrists in every office?

Yes,  whether in office or through the power of the Mind Springs Health TeleHealth network, psychiatrists and other therapists see clients in all our 13 offices and the hospital.

My child has problems.  Can you help?

Mind Springs Health has experts in early childhood, childhood and adolescents to address the special needs of each age (we also provide geriatric counseling for older family members). Additionally, if hospitalization is needed, our psychiatric hospital has special programs and accommodations for children and adolescents.

I am Physician in Mesa County. How do I reach my patient’s prescribing provider at Mind Springs Health?

Call our dedicated Psychiatric Consultation Line for Mesa County Community Physicians – 970.683.7222