Building Sanctuary
Rebuilding Lives

The Campaign for Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital

With Colorado offering 50% less psychiatric beds than necessary to treat its residents, every day people you might even know are forced to languish distressingly in acute care hospitals, or even jail, before they receive the lifesaving treatment so desperately needed.

We must reduce the suffering. That’s the purpose behind our first-ever capital campaign, one of the largest behavioral health philanthropic initiatives west of the Mississippi – Building Sanctuary | Rebuilding Lives, the Campaign for Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital.

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YOU UNDERSTAND HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO CARE ABOUT OTHERS, AND TO BE ABLE TO DO SOMETHING NOW. Please help us reduce suffering and rebuild lives by creating a space where minds can heal and lives can be rebuilt.

Return on Investment = Saving Lives

with a new, expanded capacity, advanced treatment psychiatric hospital, scalable and sized to help twice as many people.

Mental health is the building block that the foundation of a healthy community rests upon. When you invest now in your fellow Coloradans and community by giving a gift of financial support to Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital, you will literally

  • Change the trajectory of a person’s life
  • Build the most forward-thinking psychiatric hospital in the country
  • Transform mental health care in rural & resort-area Colorado