Our Treatment Philosophy

Client-Centered Care

Treatment plans need to be catered to each individual dependent upon the intensity and variety of symptoms, with culture and lifestyle in mind. At Mind Springs Health, our clients are assigned treatment teams to ensure their success and we work within our local community to create partnerships and programs to support mental illness and addiction treatment.

State-of-the-Art Treatment

All our methods are evidenced-based practices, meaning they have been tested thoroughly and have been verified to improve lives. We constantly research and implement the most effective treatment methods and continually review current practices.

No Illness too Mild or Severe

Addiction and suicide rates along the western slope of Colorado are higher than the national average. We aim to combat that by providing exceptional service and reaching out to our community to let them know that no illness is too mild or severe for care. We offer a full spectrum of services that cover anything from the need for psychiatric hospitalization to therapy sessions.