Partnerships & Programs

It takes an integrated and caring community to provide seamless support for Mental Illness and Addiction Recovery Care. At Mind Springs Health, we constantly work to form new partnerships and programs within our community, capable of transforming behavioral health care for the better.


Oasis Social Support Clubhouse

The Oasis Clubhouse was created with community integration in mind. When learning to manage a mental illness, it can be difficult to navigate every day occurrences like keeping a steady job or socializing. The Oasis Clubhouse is a place where anyone with a mental illness can go to hang out, receive support and reassurance, and engage in meaningful work. Clubhouse activities include skill groups, support groups, work groups, recreational activities and outings. Located in a Classic Victorian house in Grand Junction, the Oasis Clubhouse is the perfect place for recovery, empowerment, fun and friendship! Check out the Oasis Clubhouse schedule, and learn how you or a loved one can benefit from social support that the Oasis Clubhouse provides.

The Women’s Recovery Center

The Women’s Recovery Center is a 90-day intensive drug, alcohol and transitional living program specializing in holistic recovery. It is the only ‘for women-only’ program on the western slope and one of the few in Colorado where women may have their children with them during residential treatment. Learn more about how the Women’s Recovery Center transforms the lives of women in our community.

Supported Employment Services

Supported Employment is a unique opportunity for employers to hire a pre-screened, motivated employee with ongoing mentorship and support, at no cost. For Supported Employment employees, a job provides an especially meaningful role in individual self-sufficiency and the power of community partnerships. Supported Employment is designed to assist people with mental illness find and keep meaningful, competitive jobs in the community. Learn more about how our Supported Employment Services can benefit your company or yourself as a career-seeker.


Whole Health, LLC

Repeat unnecessary emergency room visits can be costly and disruptive to patients, providers, and community members. Whole Health, LLC is a subsidiary of Mind Springs Health, Inc., and was created to support those who repeatedly use the emergency room unnecessarily by modifying their behaviors to reduce unnecessary visits and hospitalizations. Whole Health, LLC connects Community Health Workers (CHWs) to patients it identifies as repeat users with assistance from Rocky Mountain Health Plans. Patients are then provided with the correct services, community education, informal mentoring and social support, CHWs serve as a vital link between patients and providers to ensure thriving relationships. Learn more about Whole Health, LLC and how it supports your local community.

Health Information Exchange

Seamless access to patient information among providers is an imperative step to providing patients with advanced integrated care. That’s why we worked with the Quality Health Network to establish the first-ever-in-Colorado whole Health Information Exchange program. This program eliminates waste, results in more collaboration among health care providers and helps to ensure that patients receive the very best care. Learn more about how the Health Information Exchange program is transforming our local communities.

Integrated Care

We believe a healthy body and a health mind create true wellness. Those suffering from Mental Illness face an increased risk of having a chronic medical condition, most of which are treatable. Integrated Care focuses on providing a seamless approach to health care, combining mental health care with general health care. We partner with hospitals, schools, social service programs and law enforcement to provide Integrated Care in our communities. Learn more about the Integrated Care Approach, and how we’re shaping our local communities.

West Slope Casa

Those faced with a Crisis need immediate and expert support to recover efficiently and continue to engage in our community. At Mind Springs Health, we’re a proud partner of West Slope Casa, supported by Colorado Crisis Services. Together with Midwestern Colorado Mental Health Center and Axis Health System, we work to provide immediate and comprehensive Mobile Crisis Response, Respite Services and Crisis Stabilization Units. Learn about the complete services West Slope Casa provides and how the impact we make extends beyond those in crisis.

Progressive Health Options

As a Member Organization of Progressive Health Options Mind Springs Health and other agencies offer a network of behavioral health providers and specialists to insurance companies, employers and integrated health systems seeking to help members and their families achieve physical and emotional wellness across the state of Colorado.