If you are a Community Physician, and would like to get in touch with your patient’s prescribing psychiatric provider, call the corresponding, dedicated number below and you’ll be directed accordingly.

Phone Number
 Chelsea Arata, APN  Grand Junction 970-263-4918
Bruce Beechwood, FNP Grand Junction 970-263-4918
Richard Berkley, MD Steamboat Springs 970-879-2141
Lynn Bird, PMHNP-BC, MSN, RN, CACII, CRTT Grand Junction 970-683-7222
 Caitlin Branham, MSN, RXN-P, PMHNP-BC  Grand Junction 970-683-7094
Matthew Burson, MD Grand Junction 970-683-7222
Mary Ciambelli, APNP Frisco 970-668-3478
 Holly Covington, RN, PHD, PMHNP, FNP, CNS  Grand Junction 970-263-4918
Janet Feigelson, MD Steamboat Springs 970-879-2141
Nikolai Furmansky, MD Granby 970-887-2179
Paul Garraty, FNP  Grand Junction 970-263-4918
Marian Heesaker, FNP Grand Junction  970-263-4918
Luke Herro, PA Grand Junction 970-683-7222
Mary Horn, MN, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC, APN Aspen 970-920-5555 x4059
Dana Johnson, PMHNP-BC Grand Junction 970-683-7222
James Kuster, APN, DEA Grand Junction 970-263-4918
 Patricia Gallagher Lapkin, MD  Grand Junction 970-241-6023
Stephen Ludwig, MD  Grand Junction 970-263-4918
Katie MacColl, MD Vail 970-476-0930
Charles MacDonald, APN  Frisco 970-668-3478
Lynette Moore, APN  Grand Junction 970-263-4918
Marcie Moore, PMHNP-BC, DNP Grand Junction 970-263-4918
Ranae Morel, FNP  Grand Junction  970-263-4918
Laine Morgan, PMHNP-BC Glenwood Springs  970-945-2583
 Thomas Newton, MD  Grand Junction 970-241-6023
William Philip, MD Craig 970-824-6541
 Mark Ramsey, MD  Grand Junction 970-683-7228
Laura Rogers, MSN, PMHNP-BC  Grand Junction 970-683-7293
Mary Schaefer, FNP  Grand Junction   970-263-4918
Mary Schafer, APN  Grand Junction   970-263-4918
Elizabeth Smith, PMHNP-BC Grand Junction 970-683-7222
Frank Szvetecz, MD Grand Junction 970-683-7069
 Lynda Tenhundfeld, MD  Frisco 970-668-3478 
Kris Vandenberg, DNP Vail 970-476-0930