Treatment Options

Our client-centered treatment plans are catered to each individual dependent upon the intensity and variety of their symptoms, with culture and lifestyle in mind. At Mind Springs Health, our clients are assigned treatment teams to ensure their success and we work within our local community to create partnerships and programs to support mental illness and addiction treatment.

You can learn about each of our services below.

Crisis Services

24/7 Mind Springs Health Local Crisis Hotline: 888.207.4004
24/7 Colorado Crisis Services Statewide Hotline: 844.493.TALK (8255)
24/7 Text Line: Text TALK to 38255

A moment of crisis can occur at any time of the day or night, that’s why we offer crisis services 24/7/365. Mind Springs Health has its own crisis services line, and offers access to the Colorado Crisis Service Statewide Hotline and Text Line. As part of the Colorado Crisis Services Network, we offer a Mobile Response Team, a Walk-In Crisis Stabilization Unit and Peer Respite Services. Learn more about our full array of crisis services.

Psychiatric Hospital

West Springs Hospital, located in Grand Junction, Colorado provides 24/7/365 care for those in need of psychiatric hospitalization and is the only psychiatric hospital on Colorado’s western slope. West Springs Hospital is a safe and stabilizing environment for those facing an emotional or situational crisis which impairs judgement or the ability to remain safe. We accept both voluntary and involuntary (M1) patients. Learn more about West Springs Hospital or the capital campaign Building Sanctuary | Rebuilding Lives, which will increase capacity allowing us to help twice as many people.

Counseling & Therapy

We have outpatient mental health & addiction Therapy Offices in 13 cities and towns along the western slope of Colorado. Here, clients can receive one-on-one, couple, and family therapy that is catered to the specific illness or disorder and the patient’s cultural background. Our treatment methods are all Evidence-Based Practices, meaning the treatment you or a loved one will receive has been proven to be effective. We treat a large variety of mental health and substance addiction related illnesses. We also offer TeleHealth services, allowing clients to connect with therapists via a HIPAA-secure video chat from the comfort of any of our outpatient locations.

Women’s Recovery Center

The Women’s Recovery Center is a 90-day intensive drug and alcohol transitional living program specializing in holistic recovery. It is the only women-only program on the western slope and one of the few in Colorado where women may have their children with them during residential treatment. Individual and group therapy are combined with physical and spiritual health. Learn more about the Women’s Recovery Center’s life changing programs.

One-on-One Peer Services

Nobody can truly understand what it’s like to face a certain mental illness or addiction unless they themselves have lived through it. That’s why we’ve established a peer program to match those struggling with mental illness and addiction to a peer who has been through the same thing and is thriving. Learn how our Peer Services are transforming lives.

Family Services

Family members of those with mental illness or addiction are also affected and often need help to understand, cope, and support their loved ones. At Mind Springs Health, we work to ensure that there are services available for all those affected by mental illness and addiction. We provide group and family therapy and we connect people to local resources in the community. Learn more about our Family Services.